stftp stands for simple terminal FTP. It aims to be an easy-to-use and unbloated client for the UNIX (and UNIX-like) console. It uses the curses library to present the remote directory as a navigable list, affording more ease of use then the plain ftp program. Overall, it hopes to be a much easier way of doing FTP from the command line than most programs to date.

The latest version of stftp is 1.1.0.

The stftp project page on SourceForge is where you can download the latest version.

The CVS repository has "bleeding edge" code that has no guarantee of working right, but might add some interesting feature I'm still testing out. If you want to test it too, by all means!

Doxygen documentation. Not always up to date, alas.


Features to add for the next version The Big Thing The author of stftp, Andre Beausoleil, can be contacted at Logo